Automachef Offers a Glimpse of What the Future Might Look Like for the Food Industry

Team17 announced that they have partnered with developer Hermes to bring their cooking puzzle game Automachef to Nintendo Switch and PC – Steam in Summer 2019.

Automachef has players tasked with creating fully-automated kitchens where they can produce a variety of different dishes. During gameplay, players will be given a task of what they will need to produce and then they must solve it by taking into consideration energy and ingredient consumption as well as fire and infestation risks. Additionally, players will need to plan out and position machines that will slice, cook, assemble and serve delicious meals.

The managing and placement of these machines are up to the player who must take into consideration the items order and the speed at which they get delivered. The game offers three different modes, campaign, Contracts Mode, and Test Site Mode. There are also new machines and food recipes to be discovered throughout the game to use in future kitchens.

Automachef is a similar idea to what we’ve seen some companies attempting to do with fast food service where machines take on the role that a human would usually do. Although this game is presented to be a little more hectic cartoonish, it is a possibility that this could be our future.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below:

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