Aurora Legend Launches Music Festival Event With Idol Story Quest

Rastar Games announced that Aurora Legend launched a new in-game event for players to take part in.

Beginning on June 28 through July 18, players will be able to play through a new music festival event which features two new heroes: Muse (VA: Yui Makino) and Sylphia (VA: Ai Kayano). During the story portion of the event, players will meet Muse as she suddenly enters The Adventures Association offering a quest for players to assist her in becoming a top idol. So, like any level headed adventurer would do, players can run around with the purpose of preparing programs or filling out lyrics for her new songs.

During the event, players can collect flashcard shards after finishing quests. These flashcards can be used to fill out the song lyrics for Muse, with 30 flashcards need to finish one song. Depending on Muse’s popularity, players will earn rewards and obtain Cheer CDs along with gift boxes.

Additionally, the developer launched a trailer feature Muse during one of her performances. In the video, she gets down to one of her songs and dances during the performance.

Aurora Legend is a free to play RPG on mobile that has players explore the world of Aurora and restore it to peace and beauty. Evidentally, demons have attacked the planet and a group of heroes must take them on. The game is available now on iOS and Android devices

You can check out the idol dance video from the event below:

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