Attack on Titan Tactics Preview – Titan Tower Defense

The Attack on Titan series has never failed to “wow” its massive fanbase. Whether it’s because of the lovable cast of characters or its intense and stylish fight scenes, the series has never failed to disappoint — so far at least with its three seasons.

That said, it’s no surprise that there’ve been games that have tried to re-create what makes Attack on Titan so great, one of them being Omega Force’s Attack on Titan games such as the recently-released Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle. Now, however, DeNA and Kayac have taken a stab at making a mobile game of the anime series, Attack on Titan Tactics. After going hands-on with the game, it’s easy to say that fans of the series and just mobile gamers, in general, will have a good time slicing through every wave of Titans.

Attack on Titan Tactics is an officially licensed game of the anime series (that’s right, this isn’t some weird bootleg game or something). In this real-time strategy/tower defense hybrid game, it’s up to the players to build their own Scout Regiment to stop deadly Titans from wreaking havoc. Rather than getting too up close and personal, the game features a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield so players can easily deploy units. Achieving victory isn’t so easy, though, as a victory in battle comes to those who unleash units at the right place, at the right time.

Not only that, but it’s vital to expertly utilize each unit’s unique abilities to truly take down every single Titan that comes your way. Fortunately, putting in units is simply a matter of selecting the unit by touching it’s icon and then dragging it into the battlefield, making it even less difficult to implement different strategies when needed — for instance, when a tough boss Titan rushes right towards you, killing off defense units in a blink of an eye. The battle system was smooth and simple, which will make the game pick up and play friendly for any player. Even though it’s on the simpler side of things, the animations for certain attacks are stunning, and it was clear that the developers did a great job of re-creating the overall look and feel of the anime series.

attack on titan tactics

I’m thinking that many of you, especially Attack on Titan fans, want to really know about the characters and story in the Attack on Titan Tactics. At launch, over 40 unique characters will join the fray, including characters we all know and love like Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlet, and my personal favorite, Mikasa Ackermann. While playing the current build of the game, I was shocked to see just how many characters popped up, especially side characters that only made an appearance like once or twice in the anime. According to the developers, even more, characters will be added post-launch.

As mentioned before, each character has their own distinct abilities, but they also have their own roles, leader skills, and special skills that all come in handy in the heat of battle. That said, you’re the one responsible for coming up with your team, so there’s no need to worry about having to continue to stick around with a least-favorite character. Last but certainly not least, though, Attack on Titan fans will be happy to know that they can re-experience the story of the series via in-game story episodes and cutscenes, experience original stories that exclusive to the game, and enjoy voiceovers from members of the original anime cast.

All in all, Attack on Titan Tactics is going to be worth playing through for those who enjoy the challenge of tower defense games. While the Attack on Titan characters and world offer that little extra to make the genre more appealing to new fans.

Attack on Titan Tactics is set to launch worldwide in fall 2019 for iOS and Android.

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