Attack on Titan 2: The Final Battle Preview – Territory Recovery Mode is Pure Fan Service

While there are some great video games adapted from anime and manga, they sure are few and far between. However, one series that seems to be getting it right is publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force’s take on the Attack on Titan IP. The developer, known for the Dynasty Warriors series, has taken the anime license and faithfully brought it to the video game medium with everything that fans enjoy about it.

Now, the team is continuing the story of Attack on Titan with Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle. Created as an expansion to Attack on Titan 2, this new entry of the game adds additional story content that will play out along with the events in Season 3 of the Attack on Titan anime when it launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 5.

While the story is being kept on the down low at the moment given that Season 3 hasn’t aired. We don’t want to dive too deep into the story mode of the game. However, weapons like the new Thunder Spear and Gattling Gun bring a whole new experience to the game. With that said, even with long-range weapons being an option in the game, it still retains the anxiety that comes with evading the horrific Titans as they come charging at you.

One of the coolest new additions to the game we were able to look at is Territory Recovery Mode where players start with their character of choice, this could be their original character or one of the dozens of characters from the series, as they interact with other characters and take back territories from the Titans. Each character provides the player with a different experience because over time the bond between characters will grow and unlock special events between them. These events will change depending on which character you are playing as. Thankfully, characters can be changed at any point so building the bond between a handful of your favorite characters is possible.

The best thing about this mode overall is that it includes characters that players might have loved, but sadly died in an earlier season. This mode is pure fan service in that sense because the interactions and events range from serious to silly and involves characters you’d never think would interact. Furthermore, Koei Tecmo has told us that they have made sure that these events have all been approved by the writers of the Attack on Titan manga.

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Outside of events, players can leave the camp and take on missions that range in difficulty. These missions involve taking out Titans, scouting for new recruits, and reclaiming lands. There are 70 missions available to the player, which, like the character events, can be played by any character from the series.

While mission structure varies, the highlight of the mode centers around leveling up characters and seeing them interact with each. There are also some base features that allow players to change things like the emblem of their base, training regiments, and various customization to weapons and characters. From what we saw, there was no shortage of activities to take on, and as fans of the source material, seeing these old faces again was pretty nice.

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With all the pieces in place for a successful new season of Attack on Titan, Omega Force is prepared to deliver a quality product to fans as they have in the past. Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is an expansion to the original Attack on Titan 2 with plenty of new modes and weapons that make it feel like a brand new adventure.

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle doesn’t hold back on delivering the same Titan killing gameplay that fans have come to love, but it’s going to be the lasting appeal of the new modes and storyline that will ultimately make this worth picking up. With that said, I am eagerly awaiting this game’s release and can’t wait to dive further into the world of Attack on Titan.

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