New ‘Atelier Ryza’ Trailer Shows Redecorating, Gathering, and Memory Map Systems

New ‘Atelier Ryza’ Trailer Shows Redecorating, Gathering, and Memory Map Systems

Publisher Koei Tecmo has shared a new trailer for the next Atelier title to come west, Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 29.

The latest trailer, just under two minutes long, shows us how players can redecorate their atelier (base, basically) by changing up the interior and exterior design of it. Things like furniture, roofs, and so much more can be changed, giving players the chance to make an atelier that best fits what they like.

In addition, the trailer gives a good look at the new Gathering Synthesis system and how it works. One particularly neat feature is that players will have the option to create countless gathering locations and share them using passwords. Aside from this, there’s a farming system in which players can cultivate materials, like ores, in fields, which will be sure to come in handy for all the alchemy that needs to get done in the game.

Atelier Ryza also has a new system called the Memory Map. For this system, it’ll let players send party members to various parts of the world to go on quests and acquire memories along the way. When the character comes back, they share a report that shares what they discovered. This system will also be helpful in collecting clues to find treasures scattered around the world. Any treasure that’s collected is noted in the Memory Map, so players don’t have to worry about wondering whether or not they have all the treasure in the game.

Go ahead and check out the trailer below to see all the new systems of Atelier Ryza in action:

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