Atelier Resleriana Writer Confident the Whole Story Will be Told; Staff Has a “Solid Plan” in Place

Atelier Resleriana Writer Confident the Whole Story Will be Told; Staff Has a “Solid Plan” in Place

Famitsu recently interviewed the select staff of Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Polar Night Liberator in their weekly magazine’s #1827 December 21 issue.

Throughout this lengthy interview, the title’s writer, Takahiro, revealed that he has already decided on how the story for the game will conclude, and he’s confident in delivering that conclusion to players. He also said that the team has a “solid plan in place” for sharing the story’s events despite the natural concerns that surround live-service experiences.

You can view a translation of this exchange below via our team’s Ryuji:

[The main storyline is still in its early stages, but the storyline up to the end has already been decided.]

Interviewer: The main storyline is very interesting, with the original characters, such as Resna and Valeria, having distinctive personalities while simultaneously blending in with the characters of past Atelier games.

Takahiro: I am proud to say that the main story is generally well-received. The characters in the previous Atelier games are very appealing, so when we created the [new] characters, we tried to give them characteristics that would not be outdone by the previous Atelier characters.

Also, from the very beginning of the project, there were requests to introduce a villain organization, which was a challenging and worthwhile experiment for the Atelier series, so we did our best to make it happen, and I think it is currently working well. After the release of the game, I chose to play it myself as a user and found that the high-quality graphics allowed me to show various expressions.


Interviewer: The main story will still continue, but am I right in saying that its overall concept has already been finalized in your mind?

Takahiro: Correct. We are currently up to Chapter 5, […] so it’s still in its very early stages. However, I’ve already decided on how it will end, so I’m confident we’ll be able to bring that ending to all the players. While there are some concerns that due to this being a live-service type of game, you might not be able to see it all, but rest assured, for we have a solid plan in place.

TL NOTE: That […] is Takahiro describing briefly where the story is in Chapter 5; I cut it to avoid spoilers.

Atelier ReslerianaForgotten Alchemy & the Polar Night Liberator occurs in the kingdom of Lantarna, which once prospered thanks to alchemy. However, the practice is now nonexistent, not even retained as a memory. The protagonist, Resna, sets off on a journey to restore alchemy throughout the land.

Players will be able to progress without consuming stamina, and the home screen will alter depending on how far you have reached. The series’ general gameplay loop is retained, with characters able to get stronger via quests and a growth board. There are also art cards of previous Atelier games and what-if scenarios with rewards of their own.

You’ll be scored in battle, with awards given depending on performance. Synthesis will have multiple characters unite their efforts across over 100 recipes obtained in various ways. Players will also be able to progress the story without consuming stamina.

Atelier ReslerianaForgotten Alchemy & the Polar Night Liberator is available on mobile devices via iOS and Android in Japan. The PC version via Steam will launch in January 2024.

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Polar Night Liberator will launch Westward for mobile devices via Google Play and iOS, as well as PC via Steam in 2024.

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