Atelier Resleriana Western Release Shares Messages to Fans by Key Staff, Including Junzo Hosoi

Atelier Resleriana Western Release Shares Messages to Fans by Key Staff, Including Junzo Hosoi

Gust, Koei Tecmo, and Akatsuki Games have shared staff messages regarding the upcoming Western launch of the free-to-play RPG Atelier ReslerianaForgotten Alchemy & the Polar Night Liberator.

In particular, Yasunori Sakuda, Shuhei Yamaguchi, Katsuya Tagawa, and Junzo Hosoi each shared their thoughts about the game while hyping up Western fans for its arrival early next year.

You can view each of these staff messages below:

“Finally, the global version of Resleriana has been officially announced. Pre-registration on the App Store, Google Play and Steam has also begun, so I hope you will pre-register or Wishlist it. We have also launched our official English website where you can find information about the game and characters. More information will be updated on our official site as well as our social media channels, so please stay tuned.

Thank you always.”

Yasunori Sakuda – Development Producer – KOEI TECMO GAMES

“I am so happy that the global version has finally been announced! It has been my honor to participate in the production of the newest installment in the well-beloved Atelier Series, and to help bring it to a wider audience. In the global version of Resleriana, we have introduced various challenges while also incorporating the Atelier Series’ unique charms. We at Akatsuki Games will strive to use our inspiration to develop new content.

We hope that longtime Atelier fans and first-time players alike can enjoy Resleriana to the fullest around the world. We appreciate your continued support.”

Shuhei Yamaguchi
Executive Producer
Akatsuki Games

“Sorry for the long wait, Atelier fans!

Pre-registration for the global version of Atelier Resleriana is finally open! I have heard that it has become a topic of discussion on English social media since its release in Japan. The development team has been encouraged since then, and we are looking forward to bringing Resleriana to a wider audience.

We are continuing to optimize the game so we can present this new Atelier work to fans worldwide at the highest quality as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience as this might take some time. Feel free to check out our official sites and follow us on social media!”

Katsuya Tagawa
Akatsuki Games

“Thank you for always supporting the Atelier series. I am very happy that we have announced that the global version of Atelier Resleriana, the story of “Resna” and “Valeria” the first new heroines in the Atelier series in four years, is finally on its way.

Since its release in Japan in September, we’ve been hoping to bring it to you all as soon as possible. And now we have finally started the pre-registration for the global version.

We are making every effort to present the highest quality and I hope you will enjoy playing it. Our entire Atelier Reseriana team will do our best to keep providing you with great content and we appreciate your continued support.”

Junzo Hosoi
General Producer

Atelier ReslerianaForgotten Alchemy & the Polar Night Liberator occurs in the kingdom of Lantarna, which once prospered thanks to alchemy. However, the practice is now nonexistent, not even retained as a memory. The protagonist, Resna, sets off on a journey to restore alchemy throughout the land.

Players will be able to progress without consuming stamina, and the home screen will alter depending on how far you have reached. The series’ general gameplay loop is retained, with characters able to get stronger via quests and a growth board. There are also art cards of previous Atelier games and what-if scenarios with rewards of their own.

You’ll be scored in battle, with awards given depending on performance. Synthesis will have multiple characters unite their efforts across over 100 recipes obtained in various ways. Players will also be able to progress the story without consuming stamina.

Atelier ReslerianaForgotten Alchemy & the Polar Night Liberator is available on mobile devices via iOS and Android in Japan. The PC version via Steam will launch in January 2024.

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Polar Night Liberator will launch Westward for mobile devices via Google Play and iOS, as well as PC via Steam in 2024.

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