Strategy RPG ‘Last Cloudia’ Reveals Collection of Mana Collaboration

Crunchyroll Games announced that it has added the AIDIS-developed strategy RPG Last Cloudia to the games portfolio.

To kick off the partnership, the publisher has announced that from November 26 through December 13, players can enjoy a collaboration event between Square Enix’s Collection of Man, this includes Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana.

This will be the first collaboration event for the game since it launched in the west and will feature characters and new collectible weapons from the Collection of Mana universe. Through gameplay, players will meet the likes of Randi, Popoi, and Primm from Secret of Mana along with discovering new weapons to unlock from the series. The collaboration will also feature enemies from the series and music.

Last Cloudia features cinematic-style landscapes and a deep storyline where humans collaborate with monsters to save the world together. During the game’s story, players will assume the role of heroicly named main protagonist Kyle, an impulsive knight who has mastered swordsmanship, and his friend Rei, a one-winged beast with amnesia. Throughout their adventure, they’ll meet many friends and foes alike.

Last Cloudia presents characters in detailed pixel art designs with 3D backgrounds. Characters have highly flexible skills, allowing players to create teams and customize the party to fit their playstyle. Through the game, players will discover Arcs, which can be equipped to characters to boost stats and allows them to master new skills.

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Last Cloudia is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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