Stylish Action Game ‘Assault Spy’ Exits Early Access for Official Release Date

NIS America announced that the fast-action brawler Assault Spy will receive an official release on PC-via Steam on October 2.

Developed by Wazen, Assault Spy tells the story of a corporate spy name Asaru, who is paired with a not some reliable partner, Kanoka. After they are both hired for a new job, the two must infiltrate Negbot, a mega-corporation, and fight their way to through its many offices.

Assault Spy features fast past action gameplay where players will be able to dash and fight against multiple enemies. Additionally, the game uses its corporate theme to add a slice of comedic elements to the character’s style.

Recently, Assault Spy entered Early Access on Steam and holds a “Very Positive” review score by players. This will be NISA’s first hand at publishing and Indie developer for a global release, so a lot might be riding on the success of this title.

You can check out a couple new screenshots below:

Author’s take: Assault Spy looks like pure fun. I enjoy stylish games like this that combine interesting set pieces and fast action, much like Devil May Cry. I’m glad to see that NISA is giving indie teams a chance to make the game’s they want to make so I’m hoping this turns out to be a profitable avenue for all parties involved.

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