Romance Visual Novel ‘Ascendant Hearts’ Gets Switch Release Date

Visualnoveler announced that their romance visual novel Ascendant Hearts will launch on Nintendo Switch-via the eShop on January 30 for $9.99.

The Switch version of the game will include various updates including, new artwork, new music, additional story content, and a new UI. The Steam version of the game will also receive these updates.

Originally released on Steam in 2018, Ascendant Hearts tells the story of Hayato, who lived a normal life until he awoke with amnesia and found himself in a world that closely resembles video games. While there, he finds himself on fetch quests and distributing skill points, he’s even allowed to the respawn after death.

During exploration, he meets a mage named Shiori, who offers her help to assist him in battles and navigating the world. This prepares him for battle, where he encounters some deadly monsters, but also to a few hidden secrets about the world that he has found himself in.

Ascendant Hearts is a visual novel that features themes playing on JRPG and MMORPG tropes. The game has multiple routes to romance, the game’s three main heroines. In order to get locked into a route, players will make choices during dialogue to get closer to the girls.

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