Armed Fantasia Introduces New Characters & Monsters; Gameplay Systems Explained

Armed Fantasia Introduces New Characters & Monsters; Gameplay Systems Explained

Japanese outlet Famitsu recently shared a plethora of new information regarding Armed Fantasia, the recently kickstarted JRPG advertised as the spiritual successor to the Wild Arms series.

Our team’s Ryuji has translated the new info, viewable below alongside correlative screenshots:

TRANSLATOR’S NOTE: All of the below names might be different in the official English translation. Furthermore, specific terms might also change.



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A creature commonly found in the few forests remaining in the world. It is said that they do not miss humanity very much, but they are good friends with Soleil and always work together. It does not understand human languages, nor does it speak them. However, for some reason, Soleil and the creature seem to comprehend one another, and thus, they can work together to activate switches located at a distance. Strisc can also fetch items from Soleil.

Setsuna Carpediem

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At first glance, he might not look like it, but he’s human. However, by incorporating the factors of non-human living creatures, he is a factor conformist who has an overwhelmingly higher output than ordinary people and can use a variety of ARMs.

He possesses strong sexual desire with an upright temperament, whose motto is that “the strong devour the weak” and he will stop at nothing to make himself strong.

Alcaim Hoerem

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He is one of the few people who knows the “truth about the wilderness.” To return the world to its original form and state, he brings together people from different backgrounds to form the Iconocluster (a secret armed Order society).

Night Gúngnir

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A mysterious individual with a chivalrous heart. Their true identity is shrouded in mystery, as they dashingly appear at the moment of someone’s crisis but then leave without a word.

They possess a noble spirit who lives up to their overwhelming fighting skills and knightly appearance. Although they are a newcomer to the Iconocluster, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Kimiquis Mucarmel 

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She is the owner of the Mucarmel Trading Company, which has made its fortune through its titular activity. But behind the scenes, she is a pirate who rules the seas with her haunted ghost ship.

She believes that an economy without competition and development causes stagnation. As a result, she plans to destroy the market system controlled by the Order and establish a new set of rules.

Gameplay Details

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Each ARM has something called Modules. These are what allow skills to be used, and by changing the modules, you can also change the skills each ARM has. Certain skills and some modules can only be installed on specific ARMs of a given type (i.e., there are modules specific to gun-style ARMs, some specific to staff-type ARMs, and so on).)


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To obtain new ARMs and modules, Pathfinders collect the anomalies’ materials in the overworld and hand them over to the Order of the Sacred Key, who will then use those materials to manufacture the requested items.

Each module has a set cost, called a Tune Point (Or TP for short), and you can only insert as many modules as your TP allows. The limit increases as each character levels up. Powerful skills tend to require a high amount of TP proportional to their effectiveness (e.g., a revival skill will require more TP than a simple healing skill, for example), so there are situations where you might need to reconfigure ARM modules according to the situation at hand.


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There are various ways to obtain new ARMs, and one of them is through the WANTED system:

Here’s how it works: In the WANTED system, a request is made from the Order of the Sacred Key. For example:

“I would like to develop anti-poison skills further, so I need you to get poison fluid from a specific monster.”

Then, once you accept the request, you search and destroy the required monster(s). Once you’ve done so, report back to the Order. Finally, you’ll receive your reward just like that.

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The Role Changing System: A system that allows a character to wield a different type of ARM. This system also allows the player to take on other roles, thus broadening the range of strategies. It also allows the player to alter cosmetics by combining their favorite character with their favorite ARMs.

The roles are as follows:

  • Gun: A role capable of standing against multiple enemies with its quick actions.
  • Spear: A role capable of physical combat boasting high attack power and strong defense.
  • Wands: A role that utilizes magic-based elemental attacks against enemies.

The Role Changing System will unlock when a given character reaches LEVEL 30. For every 10 levels they gain after that, the number of ARM types they can use will increase by 1. 

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Next, we have the “Encounter Judgment” system (name may change). When a player encounters an enemy, a signal indicating the encounter will appear near the character being controlled for about one second. If the button is pressed once, the battle can be canceled.

However, if the button is not pressed during that second, the battle will begin normally. Furthermore, by tapping the button twice, not only is the player able to take the first action on the first turn, but the player can also gain one of a number of random bonus effects, such as MP recovery or doubled experience.

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Battles work via a turn-based system. At the beginning of a turn, the order of allies’ and enemies’ actions are displayed at the top of the screen. The order in which allies act can be changed at the player’s discretion, depending on the command selected. Even the same character with the same equipment can act earlier or later in a turn, depending on your choice.

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If multiple allies are targeting the same enemy, and their icons are aligned in quick succession, an order chain, which is a coordinated attack, will trigger. During this joint strike, skill performance is enhanced. As a result, more damage can be caused, or more severe status abnormalities (if the skill allows it) are inflicted.

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The number of party members who can participate in a battle at one time is three. However, if there are four or more party members, players can set the backup one(s) to support the three on the battlefield in two different roles: Vanguard and Rearguard.

Vanguards are partners that attack in conjunction with the party member you’ve selected. The moment the party member attacks, the Vanguard will use a Reaction Skill.

Rearguards, on the other hand, support the party members from afar with various support skills. The image below exemplifies it with an ATK buff.


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Monsters (Anomalies)


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A monster known for its four outstretched wings. In addition to its high maneuverability, its tail is equipped with a poisonous stinger and can attack from a high altitude. The damage caused by its venom leaves no end of victims.


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A rabid predator that enjoys the flesh and blood of the wasteland inhabitants, especially humans. It is said to be willing to even engage in cannibalism if it is starving. It’s also feared by traders, as its mighty wings have the capability to capsize ships navigating the inland seas.


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A mass-produced monster by the Monster Cemetery, which the Order once ran.


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A monster with slow and sluggish movements. Its outer skin is so thin and soft that it does not serve as armor, but it is highly durable and, thus, difficult to truly repel. Its paralyzing attacks are troublesome. Most people don’t know this–but it’s actually a carnivore.


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Its origins are mostly unknown, but the Pandagruel is said to be a panda that possesses a metal arm with the crushing force of 50 Indian elephants.


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A monster said to be the breed of two sub-dragon monsters.


Taking place in the land of Londenium, the protagonist, Ingram, decides to leave his hometown after his grandfather passes away. He then becomes a Pathfinder, a profession utilizing ARM (Aether Reaction Maximizer) weaponry to rid the world of Anomalies.

Throughout this Westernpunk wilderness, Ingram will make many allies and enemies involved in a battle that will bring Londenium’s past and future to light. Two of his party members are named Euclid Sturges and Alicia Fairhead.

Players can look forward to a “large-scale party-based JRPG adventure,” where an enormous World Map housing puzzles, sea and air navigation with vehicles, and racing with genuine momentum is present. Dungeon exploration will have party members use their Gadgets, which prevail against obstacles in unique ways.

Combat will be turn-based, using the Cross Order Tactics system. “Successive character actions play a key role in the Chain Order, and disruptive Force Breaks interrupt enemy turn order,” so a vast degree of strategy is strongly emphasized.

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