Armed Fantasia Shares 5-Minute English Subtitled Composer Interview; Michiko Naruke

The official YouTube channel for the recently kickstarted Wild Arms spiritual successor, Armed Fantasia, has shared a new video interview with one of the game’s composers, Michiko Naruke. She has written video game music for nearly three decades, with her extensive history containing Wild Arms and the Super Smash Bros. series.

She notes how she thought this title’s soundtrack would be akin to Spaghetti Western and not just traditional Western music. Naruke is also trying to avoid getting too close to making the title sound close to Wild Arms if she deems it unintentional.

You can view the full, roughly 5-minute English-subtitled interview with Michiko Naruke below:

Taking place in the land of Londenium, the protagonist, Ingram, decides to leave his hometown after his grandfather passes away. He then becomes a Pathfinder, a profession utilizing ARM (Aether Reaction Maximizer) weaponry to rid the world of Anomalies.

Throughout this Westernpunk wilderness, Ingram will make many allies and enemies involved in a battle that will bring Londenium’s past and future to light. Two of his party members are named Euclid Sturges and Alicia Fairhead.

Players can look forward to a “large-scale party-based JRPG adventure,” where an enormous World Map housing puzzles, sea and air navigation with vehicles, and racing with genuine momentum is present. Dungeon exploration will have party members use their Gadgets, which prevail against obstacles in unique ways.

Combat will be turn-based, using the Cross Order Tactics system. “Successive character actions play a key role in the Chain Order, and disruptive Force Breaks interrupt enemy turn order,” so a vast degree of strategy is strongly emphasized.

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