Arm Yourself With the Trek to Yomi Combat Trailer

Arm Yourself With the Trek to Yomi Combat Trailer

Devolver Digital released an intense new trailer for Trek to Yomi, focused on how players can slice through all sorts of foes with the grace of a samurai.

Throughout the trailer, various encounters between the player character and enemy swordsmen are seen. The 2.5D battles are quick and concise, showing off how fast and methodical the game’s combat is while still remaining impressively cinematic.

This violence is made even more stylish by the game’s signature monochromatic style, which harkens back to iconic Akira Kurosawa films. Also of note is Trek to Yomi‘s voice cast, in particular the inclusion of the legendary Akio Otsuka; Big Boss himself.

Trek to Yomi is a 2.5D action-adventure that has players assume the role of Hiroki, a young swordsman who has sworn to protect his town after a promise he made to his dying Master. Hiroki is bound to his duty and must fight many dangerous foes to keep his promise.

We included Trek to Yomi on our Ten Favorite Games of E3 2021 Day 1 list last year, so it’s exciting to see new gameplay emerge. Trek to Yomi is set to release this Spring for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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