Arknights Launches New “What the Firelight Casts” Event; New Outfits & Operators

Yostar has just released a brand-new event for their Arknights mobile game. The What the Firelight Casts event will be available from July 13th to August 3rd, 2023. The story of the event this time explores Reed’s life journey, tracing her carefree childhood to her life as a fugitive following the destruction of her family. After being adopted, Reed rises to become the leader of Dublinn. A pivotal mission prompts Reed to reflect and ultimately find inner reconciliation, marking a transformative milestone in her life.

The event also allows players to claim a plethora of valuable rewards, such as Puzzle’s Token, furniture for the new Reed’s Cabin set, Headhunting Permits, Module Materials, Elite Materials, LMD, Battle Records, and more. Moreover, players can additionally receive generous rewards by simply logging in for 10 days, such as Pudding’s Exclusive Outfit, Emergency Sanity Concentrate, etc.

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Furthermore, during the event, the To Bloom From a Dim Flame Limited-time Headhunting is available, featuring 3 new operators:

  • 6-Star Medic: Reed the Flame Shadow – An Operator who not only provides healing support to teammates but also enhances her own attack power while releasing the skills. In addition, Reed possesses the ability to bestow damage buffs upon other Operators while mitigating enemy attacks through her talent.
  • 5-Star Caster: Harmonie – A skilled caster capable of significantly reducing her attack interval, slowing-down enemies, and inflicting sustained damage.
  • 5-Star Vanguard: Puzzle – An Agent hailing from Victoria, who possesses remarkable skills that enable him to stack damage inflicted on enemies with each successive attack.

Lastly, three new outfits in the Icefield Messenger Collection are introduced for Goldenglow, Erato, and Greyy the Lightningbearer. Additionally, the Outfit Store brings back the Cambrian Serious outfits for Bibeak, Arene, and Gravel, allowing players who missed them last time to acquire them once again.

In Arknights, players assume the role of a member of Rhodes Island, the most advanced Infected research institution in the world. In this world, a material known as Originium Ore has begun infecting humans.

Without any real knowledge of the infection, countries have expelled those who are infected, leaving them without any actual path in life. The infected begin to rally together in what is known as the Reunion, where they plan to take back their lives. Still, Rhodes Island aims to cure this design through any means possible.

It’s up to the player to follow their leader, Amiya, and recruit Operators, train them, then assign them to rescue the victims, deal with disputes, and fight against the Reunion.

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