Arknights Launches New Contingency Contract Season; New Outfits & Operators

Yostar just unveiled the 11th season of the Contingency Contract event, Operation Fake Waves for their strategic mobile RPG Arknights. In this new season, Doctors are urged to brace themselves for an experience filled with challenging stages and exciting rewards, the new season brings a new outfit for Aciddrop, a new piece of furniture, and four targeted operators’ headhunting.

arknights june 23 event 1

Operation Fake Waves takes place between June 23 and July 7. During this event, Doctors have the opportunity to obtain Contract Bounties and Operation Agreements without consuming any Sanity. By completing challenges, clearing stages, and leveling assessments, Doctors can redeem various prizes, including Aciddrop’s new costume, Tempest Series-Afternoon Teatime, and an exquisite new piece of furniture called the Fake Waves Pennant.

In addition, the Secret Sanctuary once again features an outfit for Greyy, known as the Eggcellent Craftsman. It is also noteworthy that reaching Contingency Level 18 will be relatively straightforward during this event. Furthermore, this latest season includes an under-construction beachside, beware of the returning “A very drunk Durin”, Doctors need to utilize the special terrain and strategic placement of platforms to mitigate damage. Additionally, the enemies in this event will be enhanced to varying degrees based on the tags selected by the Doctors. It is crucial for Doctors to approach these challenges with caution and adapt accordingly.

arknights june 23 event 3

Operation Fake Waves will also increase Doctors’ chances of obtaining coveted six-star operators, including Fartooth, Suzuran, Goldenglow, and Eunectes. The roster also includes renowned five-star operators such as Kazemaru, Ayerscarpe, Ashlock, Sesa, Sora, and Corroserum, all of whom are well-known and highly valued in the game.

arknights june 23 event 1

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