Arknights Prepares to Launch ‘Heart of Surging Flame Rerun’ With New Trailer

YoStar to launch an event rerun for their tower-defense strategy RPG, Arknights, where we can expect three new operators to be added.

The event, which begins tomorrow, allows players to add Thorns, a 6-star ranged guard operator, demonstrating his prowess at damage over time, and increasingly powerful ranged DPS, especially when facing ranged enemies. Additionally, players will find Andreana, a 5-star sniper who targets enemies with the highest HP and slows their movement speed. Lastly, Jaye will be added, a 4-star specialist operator who can quickly redeploy, silence any debuffs, and mixes DPS and healing.

New skins are being added for Skadi, Provence, and Platinum, along with the previously released skins from the event’s first run coming back. A preview of the events’ additions is shown in a brand new trailer giving players a quick preview of what they can expect.

The event will run from January 20, 2021, until February 3, 2021.

In Arknights, players assume the role of a member of Rhodes Island, which is the most advanced Infected research institution in the world. In this world, a material known as Originium Ore has begun infected humans. Without any real knowledge of the infection, countries have expelled those infected, leaving them without any actual path in life. The infected begin to rally together in what is known as the Reunion, where they plan to take back their lives. Still, Rhodes Island aims to cure this design through any means possible.

It’s up to the player to follow their leader, Amiya, recruit Operators, train them, then assign them to rescue the victims, deal with disputes, and fight against the Reunion.

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Arknights is available now on iOS and Android devices.

You can watch the trailer below:

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