Arknights: Endfield Provides Story Overview in Talos-II: Awakening Trailer

HyperGryph released a new trailer for Arknights: Endfield to highlight the narrative of the game. Recently, Arknights: Endfield entered a playtest environement in China, with plans for a global playtest soon.

The trailer is titled “Talos-II: Awakening” and gives players a preview of the game’s narrative and characters. While it doesn’t reveal too much about the overall experience, it teases English players with story content to hold them off for more news of a global launch.

The Talos-11: Awakening trailer was uniquely crafted with the intention of providing an opportunity for Arknights: Endfield enthusiasts from around the world to delve deeper into the backdrop of this captivating game. It offers insights into the intricate history of Talos-II, an unforgiving extraterrestrial realm plagued by a multitude of perilous challenges, including the enigmatic supernatural event known as the Blight. Additionally, viewers will gain a greater understanding of the enigmatic main character, The Endministrator, who will confront emerging threats and disasters in tandem with Operator Perlica and Endfield Industries.

Arknights: Endfield is currently under development for both PC and mobile platforms. The game is set within the expansive universe of the highly successful mobile tower defense RPG hybrid Arknights and the accompanying anime series, Arknights: Perish in Frost. The developers of Arknights: Endfield are focused on delivering a real-time, 3D RPG experience infused with strategic elements, catering to both seasoned players and newcomers to the franchise.

We’ll keep you updated on the development of Arknights: Endfield.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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