Strategy RPG ‘Arknights’ Launches New ‘Dorothy’s Vision’ Event; Operators and Outfits

Yostar just announced that their strategic mobile RPG Arknights will be introducing the latest side story event titled Dorothy’s Vision. The event story takes place in Rhine Lab, a Columbian research institute and scientific consortium. Dorothy, Director of Rhine Lab’s Originium Arts Section, is doing a secret experiment in Columbian Pioneers. Furthermore, this update brings three new operators, new Coral Coast series outfits, and a themed furniture set.

arknights dorothy vision

The Dorothy’s Vision event runs from March 14th, 2023, 10:00 to March 28th, 2023, 3:59 PST. To redeem event rewards, Doctors can obtain the Mysterious Reagent event currency by clearing all the stages (with the exception Annihilation and Extreme Mode). Additionally, a new 5-star operator, Astgenne, can be obtained by completing event missions. Furthermore, other materials like Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Recruitment Permits, Elite Materials, etc. can also be redeemed from the event shop using the aforementioned currency.

As a Chain Caster, Astgenne’s attacks deal Arts damage and jump between enemies. Each jump deals less damage and inflicts a brief Slow. When her second skill activates, her Attack Range expands, her Attack increases, and she attacks up to two targets simultaneously.

arknights dorothy vision event mar 14 3

Next, the new Coral Coast Collection for Carnelian, Blacknight, and Flamebringer has arrived at the in-game shop. At the same time, outfits from EPOQUE Collection for Tsukinogi, Beeswax, and Perfumer will be available again at the store. Furthermore, several furniture pieces of the new Rhine Lab Experimental Culture Pod furniture set will be available as well.

arknights dorothy vision event mar 14 5

arknights dorothy vision event mar 14 6

Moving right along, with the new side story, the “Rhodes Island’s Records of Originium – Rhine Lab” official comic will soon be released on Arknights Official Website. The comic’s story begins with Ifrit discovering an uninvited guest aboard Rhodes Island, a girl named Darya. This little girl conjures in Ifrit, Silence, and Sarya memories of a buried past. Players will be able to learn more details about past stories of Rhine Lab besides the plot in the game.

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Lastly, a new gacha banner titled Pathfinder of Sands featuring the new 5-star Operator Greyy the Lightningbearer and the 6-star Operator Dorothy will be available from today until March 28. Greyy The Lightning Bearer’s attacks can deal two instances of Physical damage to ground enemies in a small area. His second skill can fire a lightning ball toward the target’s position that lasts for a few seconds.

Every certain second, the lightning ball deals Arts damage to all nearby enemies and has a chance to Slow them for a few seconds. The first enemy that steps on Dorothy’s trap will trigger its effect. With her third skill, when a trap is triggered, it deals Arts damage to all enemies in range and Slows them for a few seconds.

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arknights dorothy vision event mar 14 2

In Arknights, players assume the role of a member of Rhodes Island, the most advanced Infected research institution in the world. In this world, a material known as Originium Ore has begun infecting humans.

Without any real knowledge of the infection, countries have expelled those who are infected, leaving them without any actual path in life. The infected begin to rally together in what is known as the Reunion, where they plan to take back their lives. Still, Rhodes Island aims to cure this design through any means possible.

It’s up to the player to follow their leader, Amiya, and recruit Operators, train them, then assign them to rescue the victims, deal with disputes, and fight against the Reunion. Arknights is currently available on Google Play and the App Store.

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