Arknights Launches ‘All Quiet Under the Thunder’ Event; New Operators & Outfits

Yostar has just announced the latest information regarding the upcoming event for their strategic mobile RPG Arknights. The event, titled titled All Quiet Under the Thunder will feature an immersive story, new Operators, limited-time attire, and lots of enticing rewards.

The event is held from October 24 to November 7, and will feature a limited-time episode where players can progressively unlock content within the Cleaner’s Collection by conquering the various difficulty tiers in the ‘All Quiet Under The Thunder’ stages and accomplishing designated objectives.

Furthermore, players can obtain the brand-new Operator, Morgan, for free during the event. Morgan is a fearless Dreadnought who deals physical damage with each attack. By sacrificing a portion of HP, she can gain ATF buff (Skill 1) or a Barrier (Skill 2). In addition, various rewards such as Logistics Special Permits, the exclusive ‘Shackles of Shadow’ avatar, Plaque – Horizons, Plaque – Within Reach, elite materials, LMD, and many more can be obtained.

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Moving on, three new Operators: Cement, Humus and Ines will be available in the new Headhunting banner running from October 24 to November 7. Ines boasts reduced Redeployment Time and wields the ability to unleash ranged attacks. Her exceptional talent lies in the first strike against each enemy, which not only immobilizes them for several crucial seconds but also siphons a portion of their ATK, maintaining the effect until the target is either vanquished or Ines strategically retreats.

Cement excels as a Duelist and only restores SP when blocking enemies. She gains Physical damage reduction and double the effect after deployment duration. Cement’s first skill deals Physical damage to all enemies within Attack Range and can hold charges, while the second skill grants stackable DEF buffs. And finally, Humus, because he’s a Reaper, he cannot be healed by allies but he does deal AOE damage with his attacks, and recovers HP for each enemy hit (up to his block count). 

And lastly, three new exquisite limited-time outfits have been added to the Shop’s Epoque Collection: Horn’s To Effloresce Whitely, Heidi’s A Thousand Correspondences, and Harmonie’s Invitation.

Furthermore, five resplendent skins will return to the shop for a limited time Among them, we have Hellagur’s Octopath Illusion from the Bloodline of Combat/II series, Shirayuki’s mesmerizing Wind of Breaking, and the Raythean Striker/II series featuring the Siege-City Destroyer, Indra-Valiant General, and Scavenger-Survive outfits. You can view the new additions to the Epoque Collection via our gallery below:

In Arknights, players assume the role of a member of Rhodes Island, which is the most advanced Infected research institution in the world. In this world, a material known as Originium Ore has begun infected humans. Without any real knowledge of the infection, countries have expelled those who are infected, leaving them without any actual path in life. The infected begin to rally together in what is known as the Reunion, where they plan to take back their lives. Still, Rhodes Island aims to cure this design through any means possible.

Arknights is currently available for Mobile and PC through the Google Play Games Beta client. You can watch the event trailer below:

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