Arise: A Simple Story Gets Emotional in New Developer Diary

Techland Publishing uploaded a developer diary to their YouTube channel for Piccolo Studio’s upcoming story-focused title Arise: A Simple Story. The three and a half minute video showcased the co-game directors, Alexis Corominas and Jordi Ministral and their process in creating their new game.

In the first section of the video, the directors talk about creating the world that players get to venture through in Arise. Alexis and Jordi set out to write a story that was relatable and pull from subjects more people have one dealt with. Taking that hard subject matter and contrasting it with a world that is “Whimsical, fantastical and magical world” that also has to be tactile. the team also mentioned one of the inspirations for the game was animes and movies from studios like Studio Ghibli when designing worlds that reflect emotions.

And of course, taking that center stage for the world is the “Old Man” players will assume control for. the thought process for the Old Man is an aesthetically stoic character that visibly shows what emotions he is feeling. The directors even designed for his movements to be intentional and “for a reason.”

The last section highlights the directors working with David Garcia, a composer credited for titles like Rime and Hellblade. much of the co-directors’ comments are praising Gracia’s genius and talents for not only taking direction for grand singular themes but splitting those themes into their respective chapters, complete with their sub-plots, yet having the music still reflect the main theme of the game. Plus Gracia being an audio designer, programmed much of the Arise’s music and sound effects into the game himself.

In previous trailers, Arise focuses on an old man that has passed on and is ritually burned. Then suddenly it is a world that was colorful, beautiful and transforming. gameplay so far highlights walking through a shifting dream-like world with some platforming elements to boot.

Arise: A Simple Story is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Epic Games Store December 3, 2019. See the Developer Diary video below as well as the announcement trailer

Author’s Take: I don’t like emotional games, and by “don’t like” I mean I don’t like how these narrative games can make me cry from minimal effort. Just put a dog or a father figure in your game and I’ll start waterworks.

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