Post-Apocalyptic Visual Novel ‘Archetype Arcadia’ Launches on Consoles in the West; Steam Release Receives English Update

PQube announced that the Kemco-developed post-apocalyptic visual novel Archetype Arcadia is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in the West. The game’s Steam release has also received an English patch update for players who wish to play on PC.

Archetype Arcadia tells a dark sci-fi story where a deadly disease wipes out most of humanity, bringing chaos to the world. Players assume the role of Rust, an older brother and one of the few remaining humans who must step into a VR world where the answers to the missing populace and the disease that caused it to seem to lie.

Through the game, players can experience the story events unfold from different perspectives. This allows for a unique way to roll out the full narrative, which may reveal the protagonist has the wrong idea about what is going on. Further, memories become powerful weapons in this Virtual World. Experience tragic and moving moments of the past in order to battle onwards. Players can make choices through the narrative, which may lead to bad endings depending on what players decide to do.

Archetype Arcadia is a dynamic visual novel set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious disease called ‘Original Sindrome’ plagues its victims. The story revolves around the protagonist, Rust, and his sister, Kristin, as they enter the game Archetype Arcadia in search of a cure for the disease. Those affected by ‘Original Sindrome’ suffer from insanity, sensory illusions, and uncontrollable urges.

You can watch the trailer below:

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