Arc of Alchemist Reveals Physical PS4 Pre-Order Date Exclusive From the Publisher

Idea Factory International announced that the physical release of Arc of Alchemist on PlayStation 4 will open pre-orders on June 2 at 11 am via their official online store.

Currently, the game is up for pre-order physically on Nintendo Switch from Limited Run Games until May 31.

In Arc of Alchemist, you take on the role of Quinn Bravesford, who must explore a vast desert, known as the Desert of Beginnings, to find the Great Power — the legendary key that’ll save not only her kingdom but also, humanity. According to legends of yore, if the Lunagear, an ancient alchemic drive, is equipped with four orbs, the Great Power will be unlocked.

During gameplay, players will explore the deserts and switch between characters to take out enemies. This also requires them to utilize magical abilities that can help them traverse different environments. However, the deeper into the desert that they go, the stronger the enemies become.

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You can get a look at the physical cover for Arc of Alchemist below:

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