Aragami 2 Preview – Back to the Shadows

Wait. Seriously, wait. Because you’re going to need a lot of patience for Aragami 2, which strangely makes it a wonderful action game. If you’re looking for a change of pace within this genre, becoming an assassin and sticking to the shadows is the way to go. Following up on the success of the first Aragami, developer Lince Works is nearly ready to release the sequel, Aragami 2. Taking place a century after the events of its predecessor, Aragami 2 introduces a new story with new mechanics and features, all whilst retaining that sweet stealth goodness.

In Aragami 2, you play as Kurai, an assassin who joins the Kurotsuba shadow clan to protect them from outside forces trying to take over Rashomon Valley. Alongside that, you must figure out how to prevent the spread of a supernatural disease that affects the mind and soul. To solve this mystery and save the valley, you go on missions, gathering information and rescuing any captured or enslaved clan members.


While this sequel adds in combat mechanics, the primary gameplay aspect is stealth, and there’s a lot of it. As you go on your missions, you’ll be hiding in the shadows, leaping on ledges, and methodically taking down enemies. Unlike the first, this title offers different characters to play, and you can even play co-op with up to three players. However, for this preview, I did not have access to said features. Regardless, the idea of splitting up and plotting murders together sounds like a fun twist.

You have to carefully plan out how you want to take out your enemies and complete your goals. It helps that there are numerous ways of going about it, meaning you can create your own sneaky path. However, don’t let the mission objectives fool you either; they can be deceptive. You may have gotten into enemy territory easily, but getting out may be harder than you thought. Over time, the difficulty and complexity of the areas steadily increase.


As you complete missions, you’ll be able to level up and access new abilities, such as freezing an enemy in place or gravitating enemies closer to you. You can also find and buy items, armor, and upgrades that aid your missions and improve your skills. With these tools at your disposal, you can pick and choose your way in approaching a mission. In a pinch with your enemies? Throw a couple of shurikens to kill them from a distance or an amnesia needle to have them forget what they were doing.

Though the game is fun, it may not be for everyone. I found it super satisfying whenever I completed a level with precision, but it will require an immense amount of patience. Even with new combat mechanics, those won’t be able to help you get through every portion. In fact, trying to fight your way through may make the game less exciting, given that Aragami 2 is exceptionally more fun as a stealth adventure. I enjoyed the first entry, so it’s great to see an expansion in assassination methods and maneuvers. I can’t wait to get my hands on the full release and take down enemies from the shadows.

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