Apple Arcade Games of the Week: A Lot of Bullets, Hearts, and Death

This week, I got a chance to play some awesome games that had me on my toes…or thumbs, every second. Let’s take a look at these games that had me at the edge of my seat.

Exit the Gungeon
Developer: Dodge Roll

Exit the Gungeon

A spin-off to the insanely tricky Enter the GungeonExit the Gungeon takes the cute but deadly bullet-hell formula and packs it into your iPhone. The premise is simple. The Gungeon is falling, and the Gungeoneers have to make their way out. You thought this would be easier just because it’s on mobile devices? *Laughs in bullets* With a continually changing weapon and the ever trusty “dodge roll,” fight through tons of enemies and bosses who want to block your escape. By the way, each Gungeoneer has its unique route through the Gungeon, so no one playthrough is the same. The aesthetic, charm and infuriating difficulty remain from Enter the Gungeon, making this a must-play. Just don’t throw your phone on the floor and break it when you die too many times.

Sayonara Wild Hearts
Developer: Simogo

Sayonara Wild Hearts Screenshot2

It’s rare to find a game with a story that’s presented almost entirely through its visuals. Sayonara Wild Hearts puts us in the shoes of a woman who’s suffered heartbreak, something that many of us have experienced. After a diamond butterfly whisks her away into a highway in the sky, she finds her other self, a biker known as The FoolThe woman then races through different visually breathtaking stages with some banging electro-pop music. At its core, Sayonara Wild Hearts is an endless runner that puts you in the woman’s shoes collecting hearts, riding motorcycles skateboarding, dancing, shooting lasers, wielding swords, and breaking hearts at breakneck speeds. I think my favorite part of this game is that you can interpret the game’s story any way you want since there’s no dialogue, especially if you can put yourself in the woman’s shoes. Check out our full review from Brad Crespo who played Sayonara Wild Hearts on the Nintendo Switch.

Developer: Finji


Remember the days when we all played Oregon Trail in school where we had to keep our party alive as they traveled West? Now imagine that, but in an apocalyptic setting and you have Overland. As a traveler looking for refuge on the West Coast, you start as a weary traveler on the East Coast with practically nothing. On the way, you’ll have to make a lot of choices like trying to save other survivors, looking for safe ways to get gas for your car, avoiding scary creatures, rescuing a dog from danger, and more. Since the game is turn-based, you’re going to have to make those decisions carefully. The controls take a bit of getting used to, but hopefully, the developer can fix that in a later update. Overall, this is a deadly road trip you’re going to want to prepare for.

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