Apex Legends Reveals L-Star Weapon and Wattson Details During EA Play 2019

Today, during EA’s E3 showcase, EA Play 2019, the publisher showed off new content from developer Respawn’s Apex Legends, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

During Season 2, Executive Producer Drew Mccoy is preparing for a July 2 launch. The team will add in new balances and plans to buff up the weaker weapons. Additionally, players got a chance to see some of the game’s new content which includes new weapons and ways to take down opponents. Fans of Respawn’s Titanfall 2 will recognize the L-Star, which will be completely OP in this game.

The battle pass has changed based off of community feedback, it is now challenge based instead of time-based. This makes leveling a lot quicker than it was in season one, which allows players who only play a few weekends of the month to jump in a feel like they are receiving a lot of the content. The teams also revealed some new skins, which will include four new legendary skins for characters and weapons.

Additionally, The developer revealed a new way to play which includes Ranked Mode, where players will progress through six tiers, from Bronze to Apex Predator. The idea is to get through the tiers throughout the season and get some new items.

Lastly, the tenth legend joining Apex Legends will be Wattson. This female character is motivated by her father who fully believes in her power. The idea behind Wattson is to work closely with your team and understand the map, which can create some tough defenses that your team will have trouble getting through.

You can watch the L-Star reveal trailer and Wattson’s animated trailer below:


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