An Overhaul to Anthem, and Why It Matters

According to Kotaku, news has surfaced that Anthem, EA’s looter shooter, might be getting a rework. This news comes from sources in both developer Bioware and publisher EA after months of silence on the state of the game. There is no real shape or form to these ideas, so both companies may still be figuring all that out. With that said, it comes as a significant surprise. With their recent updates to their endgame receiving a somewhat mixed reception, a lot of people in the community thought that Bioware had given up on the project.

Some Details:

There isn’t much to say here. Sources indicate that they have been planning this behind the scenes for months. There are claims that the game was being broken up and has been worked on for the few months since. Other than that, no additional information is available on how far along they are, but suffice it to say, it could be enormous. There is speculation that we could see a revival to that of No Man’s Sky, or Destiny’s The Taken King.  If the theories are correct, there is a lot to gain from this.

Why Does This Matter?

This matters for a few reasons. For one, this is a game that sorely needs a refresh. With the amount of it still has, both with technical bugs and gameplay experience, this kind of update can give the game a second chance. This will provide Bioware and EA an opportunity to bring early players who left back into the game and even offer a better experience for people who want to try it out for the first time.

Another reason that this matter is because of a promise both Bioware and EA made. See, starting early May 2019, when the game saw a multitude of issues come up, representatives from both EA and Bioware stated that they remained committed to Anthem. Up until now, however, it didn’t seem that way for a lot of people. However, this news can be proof that there is work being done behind the scenes to fix the issues.

Overall, this news gives me a lot of hope. For a game I had initially looked at and saw potential in, I was severely disappointed with the outcome. I stopped playing after a week due to bugs, lack of content, and other miscellaneous issues. However, I now have hope for the game, because, despite its flaws, Anthem has a lot of potentials. It is a “diamond in the rough,” very unpolished right now, but with a strong core that needs some cleaning up and some polish.

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