Anthem Shows Javelin Customization During Developer Livestream

Bioware appeared in a community livestream for their action RPG Anthem, hosted by character director Francis Lacuna, associate produce Leah Shinkewski, and lead producer Ben Irvine where the team answered questions about the game and its features.

For this stream, the team focused on how players will be able to customize their characters. However, the team didn’t really go into detail about what the player will need to do to unlock some of these customizable items or if they’ll be paid or not.

The team focused on Javelin customization which comes in four different class suits, Ranger, Storm, Colossus, and Interceptor, which players will be able to choose. While accessing The Forge option from the game’s menu, players will be able to fully customize the armor of their Javelin from each section of the body and the color. This customization extends to the character’s armor and weapon class.

These changes will only affect how the player looks and not the power of their Javelin.

Anthem is a third-person shooter where players will create their own mech like armor known as Javelins and explore an open world with up to three other players. The game will also feature a single player story mode where players will be able to talk to NPCs, take on new missions, and progress the game’s narrative.

Another stream is planning on hosting another stream in a couple weeks with the topic up for discussion.

Anthem is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22.

You can watch the full stream below:

Author’s take: I understand how players really love these customizable features and spend a fair bit of time personalization their characters so I’m excited to see what the community creates. As for me, I’m a simple boy and prefer a nice simple design that I’ll stick with until the end, but hey, that could change.

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