Mobile RPG ‘Another Eden’ Reveals Persona 5 Royal Crossover Details in New Trailer

WFS released a new trailer for the Persona 5 Royal crossover event coming to their mobile RPG Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, available as a free-to-play game on iOS and Android devices.

Beginning on December 12, players will be able to play through a new story campaign titles “Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteer.” The story begins with a wish made on a flower as the Phantom Thieves decide to follow a voice into the blue light. This ends up leading them meeting a group of adventurers and open a door to a new world. Jeers of the Puppeteer resonate throughout the darkness of the shadow tainted sphere.

During the event, players will be able to add the members of the Phantom Thieves to their party in their new chibi style. Although only Joker and Morgana are confirmed as playable. In order to unlock this content, players will have had to complete the main campaign up to Chapter 13. However, the prologue can be played after clearing Chapter 2 by selecting the menu, Records, Symphony.

Recently, the developer released new story content, Butterfly’s City and Heaven’s Cradle and Ogre Wars: Dirge of the Fated King and the Sacred SwordDuring gameplay, players will navigate through various environments, progress the story, and fight monsters in an RPG battles system. This event will have the party figuring out the mystery that befalls the city of IDA.

You can watch the Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteer preview trailer below:

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