Crab Soulslike ‘Another Crab’s Treasure’ Launches Free PC Demo; Full Game Will Feature Assist Options & Ability to Skip Combat with a Gun

Developer and publisher Aggro Crab has announced that their upcoming crab souls-like, Another Crab’s Treasure, now has a demo available on PC via Steam as part of Steam Next Fest.

Alongside the demo being available until at least October 16, 2023, players can fill out a feedback form to inform them of what improvements they desire from the full game. The demo of Another Crab’s Treasure lasts roughly two hours, comprising two levels to explore alongside three boss battles.

The developer also revealed that the final game will have assist options, and an extra parry window is present in the demo. They also stated, “For the first time ever, you will be able to adjust the difficulty in a soulslike.”

You can view the full statement from Nick Kaman, Studio Head and Art Director at Aggro Crab, below:

“For the first time ever, you will be able to adjust the difficulty in a soulslike. Make no mistake, our game isn’t easy just cause it looks more like Spongebob than Sekiro. But whether you’re new to the genre, or find the mechanics inaccessible, or maybe that sort of masochism just isn’t for you, we want there to be options that let you enjoy the game to the fullest! If you want to skip combat entirely, there’s even an option to just pull out a gun!

We’re also putting out the demo earlier than some have advised, because we want enough time to react to player feedback. We know we’ve got some tough competition by entering the Soulslike genre, so we want to make sure we get it right.”

Throughout Another Crab’s Treasure, players control Kril, the hermit crab, in an underwater world suffering from some manner of curse. Players will need to help Kril buy back their repossessed shell while uncovering secrets permeating the polluted ocean. Further, Kril improvises by using the trash players discover as makeshift shells for defensive purposes.

You can view the demo launch trailer for Another Crab’s Treasure below:

You can download the free demo for Another Crab’s Treasure here.

Another Crab’s Treasure will launch for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in 2024.

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