Another Code: Recollection Receives Free Demo on Switch; Available Now

Another Code: Recollection Receives Free Demo on Switch; Available Now

Nintendo announced that a free demo for the mystery adventure Another Code: Recollection is available now on Nintendo Switch. The full game launches on Switch on January 19, 2024, but players can play through the opening chapter of Another Code: Two Memories and the first two stories in Another Code: Recollection.

In the demo of Another Code: Recollection, players are introduced to Ashley, a young orphan who embarks on a mysterious journey following the unexpected arrival of a letter from her presumed-deceased father. The letter leads her to Blood Edward Island, a remote and enigmatic location, in search of answers about her past. This demo allows players to experience the beginning of Ashley’s story, offering a taste of the exploration and puzzles that the full game will expand upon. Progress made in the demo can be carried over to the full game once it is purchased, ensuring a seamless transition for players.

Another Code: Recollection is a compilation of two enhanced mystery adventures, including a sequel that was not previously released in North America. The games feature revamped visuals, fully explorable environments, new voice acting, and fresh puzzles and music, all contributing to a more immersive and engaging experience. The collection has been designed to appeal to both long-time fans of the series and newcomers, with optional hint and navigation systems included to assist those who might be less familiar with adventure games. Through both titles, players are invited to unravel the past and discover hidden truths, delving into a world of intrigue and mystery.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of Another Code: Recollection.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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