New Anonymous;Code Trailer Introduces The Cyber Force Dolls & Their Boss

MAGES has shared a new trailer for the upcoming Science Adventure visual novel, Anonymous;Code.

The Cyber Force Dolls are introduced throughout this brief video; Kurashina Bambi, Sawai Riko, and Kyogoku Iroha. These ladies’ careers are to essentially improve the police force’s public image by performing as actual idols.

Kurashina Bambi (VA – Ayano Yamamoto) is a 19-year-old girl in charge of the “Cyber Force Doll unit. She has been a police officer since April and has only been in the field for a few months. Further, Bambi is serious about her duties and gives her all in everything she does but tends to be a bit of a klutz. In addition to her police officer work, she practices daily as an idol.

Sawai Riko (VA – Okaki Haruka) is a member of Cyber Force Dolls and Kurashima Bambi’s senior by a year. She was forced to participate in an audition for Cyber Force Doll, and although she was not keen on it, she got scouted as a member. Riko is always serious about her work and never cuts corners.

Kyogoku Iroha (VA – Mariko Honda) is the oldest member of the Cyber Force Dolls and the most senior police officer. She is friendly and acts as a manager. Additionally, Iroha is soft-spoken yet also has a strong sense of self and is not swayed by the opinions of those around her.

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Lastly, Samezu Kaoru (VA – Yōji Ueda) is introduced as the head of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Cyber Countermeasures Division and the boss of Bambi and her crew. His superiors forced him to plan the “Cyber Force Doll” project, so he studies aspects he does not understand. However, though he may look like a serious and formal guy due to his appearance and behavior, he can respond flexibly to any situation. Moreover, Kaoru was an excellent hacker when he was a student. Therefore, he was immediately recognized for his abilities and selected as the head of the office at a very young age.

You can view the newest Anonymous;Code character trailer below:

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Anonymous;Code is releasing for Japan on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 28, 2022.

Anonymous;Code is releasing in the West for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in 2023.

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