Anonymous;Code Shares Prologue Video & New Character Renders + Profiles

MAGES has revealed new information for the upcoming latest mainline entry in the Science Adventure franchise, Anonymous;Code. Firstly, a video demonstrating the visual novel’s Prologue was released, with a second one arriving in the near future. The Prologue showcase primarily comprises mathematical jargon correlating with philosophical suppositions.

Our team’s Ryuji has provided an interpreted translation of the Prologue video below. Note that it is not perfectly accurate:

According to my calculations, our world is, without question, composed by formulas.

The ratio is always 1.1618. It’s always the same, never changing.

The sceneries we witness. The chaotic world we see.

Fibonacci was correct in every way. From the sunflowers…to the shells of a snail…

From the cloudy spirals of a tornado, forming even on the water as currents, and even our galaxy. All of them follow the same ratio.

In other words, all of it can be explained with numbers.

Of course, that also applies to animals. There’s no questioning that when God created humans, he also followed that same formula.

In fact, we don’t exist as individuals. Rather, we exist as concepts.

And I plan on proving that theory.

Well then, shall we begin? Yes…

Additionally, the Japanese publication 4Gamer shared renders and profiles for two new characters, viewable via our gallery below:

“C’mon, you gotta participate in an amateur race someday, Pollon!”

Screenshots for the Prologue were also provided via the same source:

You can view the first Prologue video for Anonymous;Code via MAGES’ Youtube channel below:

View our previous Anonymous;Code coverage:

Anonymous;Code is releasing in Japan on July 28, 2022, for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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