AniplexUSA Teases New Fate/Grand Order Story ‘Epic of Remnant’

The hit mobile game Fate/Grand Order will be receiving additional story content this year with the English debut of the ‘Epic of Remnant’ chapters, confirms AniplexUSA. These ‘Epics’ are a collection of four optional chapters, and each one is its own self-contained story. These stories give screentime to both new and returning characters.  The chapters will also provide an additional challenge to veteran players, introducing enemies with multiple HP bars, and chapter exclusive battle gimmicks for gameplay and story integration. The teaser trailer, narrated by Sherlock Holmes (CV: Mizushima Takahiro), can be found below.

The first Epic of Remnant will likely launch towards the end of February. The teaser website for the story content can be found here. Players should be advised that you will need to clear ‘The Temple of Time‘, (i.e the entire main story) to be able to access these additional chapters, which is quite a bit of content to clear. However, the story quality of these chapters is well worth it.

Fate/Grand Order is available now on both Android and iOS devices.

Author’s Take: Announced already? Wow. Hopefully, these chapters will come soon because I’m already excited for them!

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