Visual Novel ‘Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus’ Releasing Later This Week

Sekai Project announced that the Whirlpool-developed romance visual novels Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus will launch on PC via Steam on November 18, 2023.

Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus is a fandisc featuring short stories of the characters from Animal Trail Girllish Square. The stories focus on Haneru and Tetora. These extra routes allow players to get closer to the girls and see how their relationship evolves post-credits.

These routes, featuring captivating artwork by Shiromochi Sakura, introduce us to a world of magical girl idols. Crafted by Oumiya Yuu, known for works such as NEKO-NIN and DraPri, the story promises to be engaging and enjoyable. With full Japanese voice acting (excluding the MC), Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus immerses players in a kinetic visual novel with a singular, conclusive ending.

Furthermore, the game offers a gallery for revisiting cherished CGs and savoring favorite in-game music tracks, along with the option to mark specific voice lines as favorites. Dive into the enchanting world of Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus and embark on a unique journey with Haneru and Tetora as they navigate the complexities of their idol lives.

The Game features adult content, but we are assuming the Steam release will be the all-ages version. The story follows a group of idols who are actually magical girls in need of an energy source called “Pal,” which is released by humans in times of immense joy. Players assume the role of a protagonist who manages them to stardom. They’ve been accepted into the Tokyo New Idol Festival for a shot at the big times.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

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