Romance Visual Novel ‘Animal Trail Girlish Square’ Coming West to PC; Giving Us Magical Girl Idols

Sekai Project announced they will publish the Whirlpool;-developed romance visual novel, Animal Trail Girlish Square, in the west on PC.

Animal Trail Girlish Square tells the story of Nakamori Taiga, an idol otaku working at a curry shop in Akiba. His recent obsession is an up-and-coming group named Animal Trail Girlish Square. To his surprise, one night he comes across the members practicing and attempts to spy, I mean peep, I mean just watch them and nothing else.

During his viewing, sparkles appear and they transform into magical beings, which leads him to discover that they are actually magical girls and he now knows their secret. After being discovered and chased down by the group, they decide to use him to help gather energy from humans and become big-name idols. That’s how he becomes their producer and manager, but I’m sure you already saw all that coming.

Given that this is a Whirlpool game, you can assume that there will be limited interaction, but plenty of h-content. I’d say the h-scenes aren’t totally necessary for the story though as the writing is typically comedic with a few emotional beats sprinkled throughout.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the release of Animal Trail Girlish Square in the west.

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