Animal Crossing: New Horizons Patch Reduces Bunny Day Eggs in the Wild

One of the best things about the Animal Crossing games is their seasonal events. Whenever a real-world holiday is coming up, you can bet that there will be an equivalent of it in Animal Crossing. With the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo has chosen to add these seasonal holidays and events over time through updates, the first of which being Bunny Day.

Bunny Day is the Animal Crossing equivalent of Easter, where the oddly creepy Zipper T. Bunny hides eggs all over the world for villagers to find. Players can then take these eggs and create unique furniture and clothing with them with the added promise of a special gift if all of the Bunny Day recipes are found.

While this sounds good in concept, Bunny Day hasn’t gone over very well with fans. Starting April 1, pretty much everything you do in the game now gives you eggs. Are you trying to catch a fish? Too bad, it was an egg. How about mine, some iron from a rock? Nope, you just get eggs. Is that a fossil buried underground? Wrong again, it’s an egg.

The overabundance of eggs mixed with the less than visually pleasing items you could craft with them led to outrage in the fandom. Many took to social media to complain about Zipper T. Bunny and the seemingly unending amount of useless eggs they were now finding. Some even decided to stop playing the game altogether until Bunny Day was over.

It seems that Nintendo has listened to the cries of players as the newest patch for New Horizons, 1.1.4, has lowered the amount of eggs players will find in the wild.

According to a list of patch notes translated from Nintendo’s Japanese website, “During the Easter event, the appearance rate of some eggs has been adjusted until April 11, 2020.” This will most likely redeem the event for many players, allowing them to enjoy New Horizons again. The appearance rates of eggs will be much higher on Bunny Day, however, so those looking to really avoid the holiday as much as possible might not want to play on April 12.

The patch also notes that a glitch has been fixed where bug fanatic Flick would give players the wrong furniture item when requesting a specific bug.

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