Among Us Announces Collab Featuring Celeste, A Hat in Time, Undertale, Untitled Goose Game & More

Among Us Announces Collab Featuring Celeste, A Hat in Time, Undertale, Untitled Goose Game & More

Inner Slot has launched a new update for their social deduction game Among Us, featuring Cosmicube collaborations with Untitled Goose Game, Undertale, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Celeste, Behemoth (Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid), and A Hat in Time.

Costing 7000 Beans, this Cosmicube will only be available until February 28, 2024.

The following bonuses are featured:

Alien Hominid

  • Alien Underbite Visor
  • Alien’s Antennae Hat
  • ZAP! Nameplate

Castle Crashers

  • Crasher’s Armor Skin
  • Crasher’s Helmet Hat
  • Hatty Hattington’s Hat Hat
  • Hatty’s Delicious Tears Visor
  • Hatty’s Delightful Suit Skin
  • Kingley Dignity Visor
  • Kingley Krown Hat
  • Kingley Robes Skin
  • Let’s Have a Brawl Nameplate
  • Rammy Pet


  • Badeline’s Hair Hat
  • Badeline’s Jacket skin
  • Catch Me Quick Nameplate
  • Flying Strawberry Pet
  • Madeline’s Gear Skin
  • Madeline’s Hair Hat
  • The Birb Hat
  • Theo’s Beard Visor
  • Theo’s Gear Skin
  • Theo’s Hair Hat
  • Upward and Onward Nameplate

Crypt of the NecroDancer

  • Bone Shaker Pet
  • Cadence’s Bandana Hat
  • Cadence’s Tabbard Skin
  • Dance Til You Drop (Dead) Nameplate
  • Frederick’s Goatee Visor
  • Frederick’s Hat Hat
  • Frederick’s Outfit Skin
  • I Sorta Knew ‘Em Hat
  • Light Up the Night Nameplate
  • Nocturna’s Ponytail Hat
  • Nocturna’s Wings Skin

A Hat in Time

  • Bow Kid’s Bow Hat
  • Bow Kid’s Dress Skin
  • The Conductor’s Cap Hat
  • The Conductor’s Uniform Skin
  • Kid’s Cape Skin
  • Kid’s Hat Hat
  • Mad Crow Pet
  • Mustache Girl’s Hood Hat
  • Mustache Girl’s Mustache Visor
  • Mustache Girl’s Robes Skin
  • No Time to Spare Nameplate
  • Your Contract Has Expired Nameplate


  • Bird That Carries Crew Hat
  • Bonetrousle Hat
  • Casual Outfit of Justice Skin
  • CoolSkeleton95 Skin
  • Napstamate Pet
  • Once Upon a Time Nameplate
  • Ponytail of Justice Hat
  • Some Guy’s Hoodie Skin
  • Spear of Justice Hat
  • Your Best Friend Hat
  • Your Worst Nightmare Hat
  • You’re Going to Have a Time Nameplate

Untitled Goose Game

  • The Gardener’s Cap Hat
  • The Gardener’s Gear Skin
  • The Gardener’s Nose Visor
  • Golden Bell Hat
  • A Goose Beak Visor
  • A Goose Pet
  • HONK Nameplate
  • Peace Was Never An Option Nameplate
  • Untitled Goose Floaty Hat
  • The Wimp’s Glasses Visor
  • The Wimp’s Wardrobe Skin

Lastly, the following fixes have been made:

  • [The Fungle] – Mushroom Mixup sabotage now randomizes skins
  • [The Fungle] – Some layering and animations have been fixed
  • [The Fungle] – You can now kill the Dummy that spawns in the kitchen. Their immortal reign is over
  • [The Fungle] – The Zipline SFX no longer plays continuously if a Crewmate is on it when a meeting is called
  • [The Fungle] – Campire SFX no longer plays during the intro sequence. Save the fire for the Impostors ????
  • [The Fungle] – The label for the Dock shows up on the map now. No more pretending you don’t know where it is…
  • [The Fungle] – The orange fish catch rate is now in line with the other fish
  • [The Fungle and Mira HQ] – Aim crosshair is back for the ‘Water Plants’ task when using a controller
  • [All Maps] – Quick Chat phrases that were listed incorrectly as Sabotages have been corrected
  • [All Platforms] – Shapeshifters won’t lose functionality when double tapping the ‘Use’ button when they start to shapeshift
  • Improvements for the black screen lobby bug – some users should no longer experience this error
    • A new error message will pop up if it does occur! Please write us a ticket if you see it
  • Various smaller fixes

Perhaps there was a time when Among Us needed an introduction, but I’m not sure that time is now. The game has gained wide success for its accessible systems yet deep strategy. During gameplay, players will join others on a map filled with tasks. These tasks typically revolve around timed events that prove you are trying to help your crew. However, among these workers is someone looking to sabotage the mission and kill everyone without getting caught.

The goal of the game is to get away with murder. During rounds, someone in the group is a bad guy, but they have to try to keep that a secret. As people die, meetings can be called where the players discuss the events and try to choose the killer. It’s very much like Werewolf, but some unique elements make it rather addictive and fun. Additionally, players can customize their characters with accessories, which everyone seems to love.

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