Amnesia: Later x Crowd (Switch) Review – Forget Me Once, Forget Me Twice

    Title: Amnesia: Later x Crowd
    Developer: Idea Factory, Design Factory
    Release Date: September 20, 2022
    Reviewed On: Switch
    Publisher: Idea Factory International
    Genre: Otome

PSP and PS Vita visual novels have recently seen re-releases on the Nintendo Switch, making it don the proud title of “Visual Novel Machine III.” This moniker holds especially true with Idea Factory-developed titles, with a handful of titles coming west by way of the console hybrid.

One of those games is Amnesia Later x Crowd, a two-in-one otome featuring Amnesia Later and its fandisc Amnesia Crowd (which I’ll refer to as “Later” and “Crowd” henceforth to prevent redundancy). Both titles were individual releases on the PSP, but now they’ve been rereleased on Nintendo Switch as a singular package.

We’ll begin with Amnesia: Later, which is a sequel to Amnesia Memories’s true ending that takes place in a new realm called the New World. You’re once again tagged with a nameless protagonist who unfortunately lost her memories in an accident with a spirit named Orion during one faithful August.

This is an entirely new parallel scenario, and there is no strict need to play its predecessor since Later will happily reintroduce you to all of the characters and love interests one by one. Still, you might find it slightly more enjoyable if you played Memories.

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Later uniquely features absolutely no bad endings. There is a normal ending for each route, which basically means your relationship with your love interest hasn’t deepened. Alternatively are good endings, where you accept the male lead’s love and become their girlfriend.

Just like its predecessor, we don’t have a flowchart, but given that there aren’t any bad endings, it wasn’t as much of a negative, comparatively speaking. Still, regardless of the ending, Orion constantly got on my nerves. I honestly can’t believe how much I wished that he was just never there.

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But let’s say that none of the five love interests are enough to make you swoon. We’ve all been there, myself included. Amnesia: Later offers two additional stories on top of the main mode: Girl’s Party and Waka’s World. The former primarily focuses on the three girls the protagonist has been in contact with, with the love interests taking a backseat this time around.

As for the latter, the story takes place exactly one month before the protagonist’s amnesia, and you’ll see the four sides of the Meido no Hitsuji manager. It’s notable how many different and enjoyable stories are present throughout these modes.

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Now, let’s move on to the second game of the package before I ramble any further, and that is Amnesia: Crowd, the fandisc to Later. As expected, this title offers a selection of “what-if” alternatives to the events we’ve seen in Later. You can also play a selection of minigames and a rather interesting point-and-click adventure.

Furthermore, you can obtain currency known as Orion Points, which can be used to obtain a random new event that you can later view from the event menu. You can even play a quiz to see how well you know the Amnesia IP. I found the selection of games a cute way to pass the time, even though the Accounting one makes my brain almost explode.

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Regarding story scenarios, Crowd has two options: Suspense and Love. The former is a point-and-click adventure where you must save the protagonist and the love interest from a particularly hairy situation. Then, for the former, you’ll choose one of the five love interests and have a nice interactive date where if you manage to meet certain conditions, you’ll obtain a special illustration.

In short, this fandisc is better suited after you’ve wrung all the content available from Later, as most of it can be considered secondary content at best. So I’m glad that they smushed the two releases together.

Amnesia: Later x Crowd screenshot. Men and women in a relationship go on what's called dates and move together, yes? Now, where do you wish to go?

Amnesia: Later x Crowd is simply an outstanding package for its price, offering a great selection of stories to enjoy, especially compared to its predecessor. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this double feature, but the titles complement each other so well, and I would definitely recommend it to any fans who want to spend more time with this endearing cast.

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