Amnesia Ikki and Toma Nendoroid Prototype Revealed

At WonFes 2023 Shanghai, GoodSmile has recently revealed the prototypes of Ikki and Toma, two of the Amnesia otome game cast Nendoroids that were previously confirmed to be in production in November of last year.

The title is currently available on PC via Steam. If you missed it, check out our review of the Nintendo Switch port of Amnesia: Memories.

We’ll keep you updated on further information about the figures’ releases. You can view the prototype version of the Ikki and Touma Nendoroids in our gallery below:

In Amnesia: Memories, the story has players witness the tale of a protagonist suffering from amnesia across five romantic routes, boasting over 20 endings. A friendly spirit named Orion helps the Heroine throughout these events, aiding in a hopeful regaining of memories. Some supplementary mechanics include minigames like Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Air Hockey. Further, voiced images in the Gallery can be unlocked, where touching different sections of the images will provide varying vocal responses.

There’s also Amnesia: Later x Crowd, a two-in-one game, as it contains both Amnesia: Later and its fandisc Amnesia: Crowd, which were separate releases on the PlayStation Portable. The former, Amnesia: Later, occurs in the setting of New World, where four different story scenarios can be unlocked, widely ranging in events. It even features what is known as an After Story, which takes place after the events of Amnesia: Memories with wedding events being teased. Additionally, the various sides of Waka are studied in the Waka’s World scenario.

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