Acquire-Developed 2D Action Game ‘Amedama’ Gets New Key Art; Release Delayed to Early 2024

Acquire-Developed 2D Action Game ‘Amedama’ Gets New Key Art; Release Delayed to Early 2024

IzanagiGames has released new key art for the Acquire-develop side-scrolling action game Amedama, coming to PC via Steam in Early 2024.

Amedama is a novel side-scrolling, soul-shifting sandbox action-adventure game developed collaboratively by Acquire and IzanagiGames. The game boasts character design by the renowned lack, known for works in “Fate/Grand Order” and “Touken Ranbu,” and features music by Yuko Komiyama of the “Monster Hunter” series. Set in a historical Japanese context, Amedama is visually captivating with its striking pixel art style that vividly brings feudal Japan to life.

The narrative centers around Yushin and his sister, Yui, who run a local umbrella shop. Tragedy strikes one rainy evening when a group of men invades their shop, leading to Yushin’s death in front of Yui. In a twist of fate, Yushin’s journey doesn’t end with his death. Left as a disembodied soul, he finds himself in a desperate struggle to locate his sister and unveil the truth behind her mysterious disappearance. Yushin possesses the unique ability to inhabit different bodies in his quest, adding a dynamic and intriguing element to the gameplay.

Players have a time constraint of seven days to accomplish this mission, as Yushin’s soul is at risk of fading away permanently. The game immerses players in the last years of the Edo period, offering a story that intertwines elements of rain and reincarnation. The combination of a compelling narrative, innovative gameplay mechanics, and beautifully rendered 2D visuals promises an immersive experience in the world of Amedama.

You can check out the full key art below:


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