Ambitious Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer in Development by Fans

For those who aren’t aware, randomizers in the Kingdom Hearts community have been growing in popularity, with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix’s being especially prominent with constant streams and tournaments. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix also recently received a randomizer of its own.

Now, two fans by the names of WaterKH and Critic Perfect are hard at work with developing a randomizer for Kingdom Hearts III. Similar to the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix randomizer, the Garden of Assemblage (the area housing the Data Organization battles) will be the hub connecting to each of the worlds. Further, chest contents will be randomized alongside a custom, newly added proof, the Proof of Fantasy. Various steps are being taken to make this randomizer a distinct experience from what the other 2 mainline titles offer, with constant fresh playthroughs being at the core of the project.

Recently, Twitch streamers and Kingdom Hearts podcasters, the SuperSpikeGhettiBros, conducted an interview with WaterKH and Critic Perfect on their most recent episode, revealing the duo’s efforts with this ambitious project. If you are at least remotely interested in this upcoming randomizer, then this interview is worth listening to in its entirety. Further, a dedicated Discord server for the Kingdom Hearts III randomizer has been released to the public.

You can view the most recent SuperSpikeGhettiBros Ansem Report Podcast episode featuring WaterKH and Critic Perfect below:


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