Supernatural Romance Visual Novel ‘Amatsutsumi’ Has Been Denied a Steam Release in the West; Alternate Platforms Being Considered

Sekai Project announced that the Purple Software-developed romance visual novel, Amatsutsumi, will not be released on Steam in the west.

The publisher shared that they are looking into other online marketplaces to distribute the game. It’s unfortunate because Steam is the largest storefront for PC gaming and provides easy access for gamers to wishlist, purchase, and share games through reviews and recommendations. However, Valve has put up restrictions for visual novels in the past, and it seems like more and more titles are being denied the chance to release on the platform.

During Amatsutsumi, players follow the story of Makoto, who has a power that allows him to manipulate people with the power of words, called Kotodama. So he decided to leave his home in the mountains to journey out into the world.

However, he doesn’t know how to live independently and wanders into a town where he is discovered by one of the game’s heroines, Oribe Kokoro. She convinces her family to let him live with them, and he begins going to school with her. Soon, he discovers that many of his new friends need some type of help and struggle with one thing or another. So, he uses the power of Kotodama to help him. What becomes of this plays out throughout the story.

Initially released in 2016, Amatsutsumi has character designs by Koku and Hiro Tsukimori, and the game will be translated into English and Chinese.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the release of Amatsutsumi in the west.

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