Alternate Future Romance Visual Novel ‘Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers’ Gets May Release Date

PQube has announced the release date for Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers. The visual novel is a follow-up to Fiction Factory’s previous work, Arcade Spirits, and will be available on PC -via Steam-, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on May 27, 2022.

Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers takes place in the year 20XX, in a future where arcades are still popular all over the world. As eSports become popular as part of arcade culture, your customizable character is looking for a partner for the Fists of Discomfort 2 Pro Tour. This search may lead you to many friendships but also romance and dates with six new characters.

Players who enjoyed the previous title will also be able to import their decisions and see how they impact the story. A few characters from Arcade Spirits will also return in The New Challengers, but the companies promise the game also functions as a standalone experience.

Choices will affect your personality, which can be Kindly, Steady, Quirky, Gutsy, or Flexible. Taking in feedback from the previous game, the system was rebalanced and revised so it can offer more variety. Character creation is also revamped to offer more choices as the protagonist will be shown during the entire game. Besides creating your character, you can also customize your own rival and romance with them is an option.

Check out the new trailer for Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers:

In case you missed it, check out our review of the previous game.

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