Chrono Trigger & Final Fantasy VI Inspired RPG ‘Alterium Shift’ Releasing for Consoles & PC; Latter Demo Arriving Q3 2022

Publisher Gravity Game Arise and developers drass_ray and moltzy have announced that their 2.5D JRPG, Alterium Shift, will be releasing for consoles alongside PC. Unfortunately, the former platforms are not yet specified. Inspired by Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, this endearing adventure comprises three heroes, Pyra, Atlas, and Sage, trying to master the Alterium Essence amidst their training. Their teacher, Dolion, assigns them one final test, though its dangers quickly become evident.

Combat is turn-based, with weaknesses to exploit and experience to earn. Moreover, fishing is also featured. A JRPG staple that has been feeling absent in recent years, alas…

Additionally, a demo of this title will be made available on PC via Steam in Quarter 3 of this year.

You can view the newest Alterium Shift trailer below:

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