Liar-soft’s Furry Sci-Fi Visual Novel ‘ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK’ Coming West This Month

Liar-soft’s Furry Sci-Fi Visual Novel ‘ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK’ Coming West This Month

Publisher Shiravune has announced the western release of ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK. The visual novel that mixes furry elements and a sci-fi setting is developed by Liar-soft (Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning, Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows) and will be available on PC via Steam and Johren on October 28, 2022.

ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK tells the story of a man called Ichizo Yodaka, a former military and elite pilot voiced by Noboru Yajima (Clock Zero’s Hanabusa Nakaba). As a fugitive based in a lawless slum called Red Zone, he fights to protect the residents from a mysterious giant space rose known as Consuelo.

Sharing the protagonist role with him is Miriya Hakone, a top-scoring STX Space Force pilot known as Silver Star. Voiced by Mako Ayane (Evenicle 2’s Bonny Kalar), she is a little too earnest and naive and her hard work will have her looking for Ichizo’s whereabouts in the black-market auction house after having her mech hijacked by him.

Other important characters include:

  • the spontaneous neo-fennec girl no. 888 Nayuta (VA: Shino Amekawa)
  • a goddess of domestic chores in the form of a cute pet robot called Floppy (VA: Botan Yumeno)
  • brigadier general Vanessa Mesquida (VA: Mahiru Notsuki)
  • the fearless neo-fennec Gon (VA: Tsubasa Kuzai)
  • the researcher who created the neo-fennec race, Jean Regulus (VA: Tetsuto Furukawa)
  • a mysterious neo-fennec called Lunette (VA: Kumiko Okugawa)

ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK is written and illustrated by Nanahoshi Dentou, who had previously worked mostly on CG, coloring and character designs for titles such as Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn~ and as an assistant writer in Psy-min Appli -Akumu no Netorare Game-. In Japan, the game also has a sequel called BETA-SIXDOUZE.

Check out a few screenshots:

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