Sony Will Allow PSN Name Changes Soon, I Can Finally Take 69 Out of My ID

Today it was announced that Sony Interactive Entertainment will roll out the ability for PlayStation Network Users to change their IDs.

The feature has been long requested by users, but due to the PlayStation’s network infrastructure, the ability just wasn’t feasible. With that said, this feature was built into the Microsoft’s Xbox Live network early on in the program’s life which allowed Xbox Users to change their IDs for a small fee.

Sony will unlock the feature as a beta for those who have signed up for the PlayStation Preview Program first soon, with a plan to unlock to all users early 2019. Additionally, there will be a charge of $9.99 for PlayStation Network users to change their ID. There will also be an added discount if the user has PlayStation Plus, making it $4.99.

Sadly it seems that not all games will be compatible with this change so it might turn out to be more of an issue than the feature is worth. Some games across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita will not be compatible with the feature can cause problems with Sony stating “users may occasionally encounter issues or errors in certain games” following the name change.

For the PSN name change feature, all games published after April 1, 2018, are guaranteed to be compatible as well as the more popular titles in the console’s library. After the name change, players who experience issues with their new name will be able to revert back to their original name for free, which should resolve any issues.

The areas that this could benefit a player is for the gamer who now is married and has kids, but signs in as his high school username: UrMomLuvsDck69 or Arypssy420, the list just goes on. However, trophies often mean more to some gamers than they probably should, I included. It provides a look back at the games you have played, both good and bad, and which games you should probably return to. I know for me, whenever I see my Ni No Kuni trophy list I remember that at some point I should really finish that game.

The preview program will become available to beta tests soon and will conclude at the end of November 2018. More details about the feature will be released closer to the launch date

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