All New Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Info; English Dub, 10-Year Life Spans, Expansion Pass & More

Nintendo unveiled a slew of new Xenoblade Chronicles 3 information during its latest dedicated Direct. Firstly, the English dub is extensively showcased. Everyone’s life has 10 terms, and Mio has three months left until she passes away. The nations of Keves and Agnus are battling in the world of Aionios to fill people’s Flame Clocks. Battling is a norm in people’s lives. Receiving a homecoming ceremony in front of their queen is the highest honor they can have in their brief life spans. Off-seers pay tribute to these fallen songs via their songs.

The main cast comprises 3 soldiers from Agnus and 3 from Keves. Both initially hate each other, but they end up working together after uniting toward a common goal. They are all now fugitives of both of their respective nations.

Various enemies are present throughout the world, including monsters and soldiers. Colonies are both nations’ base camps, with a Feronis at their cores. They are terrifying weapons. Players can shop, dine and speak to NPCs in these areas. Rest Spots are present, too, where one can cook, craft Gems to strengthen abilities, and discuss quest information. Landmarks from the previous games are showcased, where players can utilize fast travel, and a navigation feature allows for aided traveling. The time of day can be changed, so players can trigger quests and battle monsters that only appear at specific times.

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Combat basics are then discussed, with Arts and auto-attacking being prominently shown. Attacker, Defender, and Healer Classes are the primary divisions. Character-control is freely swappable too. Arts can be strung together to create combos and destroy foes by unbalancing them. Chain Attacks are a collective technique using several Arts back-to-back.

Classes can also be changed throughout the party, each boasting its own attributes.

  • Swordfighter is a well-balanced attacker class.
  • Zephyr evades attacks and performs counters.
  • Medic Gunner heals allies from a distance.
  • Tactician disrupts enemies and aid allies with paper talismans called Mondo.
  • Heavy Guard has users utilize massive weapons to draw enemy aggro.
  • Ogre crushes enemy defense with overwhelming power.

Each class rank can be ranked up via experience, with Master Arts being learned. They can be carried over to new Classes one decides to change into.

Compatible arts can be fused to become Fusion Arts, attacks melding two attack effects into one.


Ashera, Valdi, Riku and Manana, Fiona, Alexandria, and Gray are some characters who can be Hero Party members, a seventh allied combatant. Each has its own classes, though only one Hero Party member can be used at once. Still, they can be swapped out. The primary cast can change into their classes too. Class cosmetics can be swapped without consequence.

Ouroborus is highlighted next as two characters fusing together into a new powerful form. Sena and Lanz, Eunie and Taion, and Noah and Mio are the compatible pairs. These forms have a time limit, though they are mighty. Only one character of a pair controls the transformation, though they can be switched. Points can be earned in battle and spent to increase Ouroborus’ powers. They can participate in Chain Attacks too.

The Shulk Amiibo is compatible and can change character weapons into the Monado cosmetically. The official website has confirmed that this cosmetic is unlocked after beating the game as well.

The Direct broadcast can be viewed below:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will also have an Expansion Pass for $29.99, containing the following content:

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A new trailer was also published, comprising the start of the Direct, viewable below:

The official website was also updated with new images and tidbits.

Brand new renders were revealed, viewable below:

New images have been unveiled, viewable below:

Ouroborus fusion forms have been showcased, with each having a different appearance depending on which member of the duo is controlling it:

We’ll keep updating you all on any significant Xenoblade Chronicles 3 news.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 tells the story of protagonists Noah and Mio contending with a conflict between the nations of Keves and Agnus. 6 characters will be the crux of the experience, and the broad concept of “life” will be the title’s central theme.

The narrative for the game will tie in elements and plotlines from the future of the prior two mainline games, Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Flutes seem to play an integral role in the title’s premise.

The summoning of this powerful new form depends on a new Interlink system. If specific conditions are met, characters can combine into this mech, and choosing well when to transform should be key to the more difficult battles. Another system revealed is a class change option, allowing players to customize their parties’ builds further than in previous games.

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