All Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailers HD Remastered By Fan

All Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailers HD Remastered By Fan

To this day, Final Fantasy Versus XIII remains a fascinating, enigmatic existence. Despite its eventual morphing into Final Fantasy XV, much of Versus XIII’s identity was inherently altered or scrapped. It’s honestly pretty wild to think that this game was first announced in 2006, as I vaguely remember it, and I was only around six years old. For that reason, it’s almost nostalgic. Yet, nostalgia has started to resurface tenfold with the apparent resurgence of particular Versus XIII elements in the direction the Kingdom Hearts series is heading.

It’s difficult to put into words, but Versus XIII possesses an engaging ambiance wholly unique to itself that has never been replicated in any Square Enix release. Of course, this could just be sentimentality taking the reigns here, but Versus XIII has always been its own discernible beast.

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers have rarely been viewable in higher qualities. Thankfully, prominent Square Enix modder and community member, 13th Vessel, decided to remaster every Versus XIII trailer in HD quality, with the aid of Dro (Versus XIII Historian), BoN (Preserved Source Material), Idnukri ((Preserved Source Material), and KeytoTruth (Translations). The result is a convenient, masterful video where viewers can enjoy the Final Fantasy Versus XIII promotional material in a whole new light.

You can view the HD Remastered trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII via 13th Vessel below:

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