Roguelike Deck-Builder ‘Alina of the Arena’ Gets Console Gameplay Trailer

Dangen Entertainment announced they will publish the console release of the Pinix Games-developed roguelike deck-builder Alina of the Arena on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

The game was initially released on PC via Steam in 2022, where it holds a Very Positive review standing.

“We’re extremely excited to join forces with Dangen Entertainment and introduce Alina of the Arena to a wider audience on consoles,” said Max Chen of PINIX Games. Currently, there are no console-exclusive features for this release.

Alina of the Arena blends elements of roguelike deck-building and hex-based tactical combat. Players assume the role of Alina, a formidable female gladiator whose survival depends on engaging in relentless combat, one round at a time, in front of an eager and bloodthirsty audience.

This game’s distinctive appeal lies in its fusion of roguelike deck-building mechanics with hex-based strategic combat, expanding beyond conventional notions of attack and defense. Through deck-building, equipment selection, and power-ups, players have the autonomy to craft a personalized gladiatorial arsenal for Alina. With each progressive battle presenting new and escalating challenges, players must rely on a diverse range of strategies, including various attacks, evasive maneuvers, knockbacks, and even crowd interactions within the arena, to endure and emerge victorious.

The hex-based tactical aspect of Alina of the Arena prioritizes strategic positioning as the key to success, surpassing mere offensive and defensive tactics. Players can outsmart their adversaries by manipulating them into attacking each other, utilizing the terrain to their advantage, or seizing items thrown into the arena by the crowd, resulting in thrilling and strategic showdowns. A notable feature of the game is its dual equipment system, enabling players to wield weapons and gear in both hands. This system requires players to strategize and adapt their loadout to suit the specific challenges posed by each battle, whether opting for the increased damage potential of dual-wielded daggers, the balanced performance of a sword and shield combination, or the raw power of a two-handed weapon.

You can watch the console trailer below:

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