Metroidvania Action Game ‘Alice Escaped!’ Coming West With First Look at Gameplay

Sekai Project announced that they will publish the Illucalab developed action game Alice Escaped! on PC.

Alice Escaped’s story begins at the end of summer vacation. Two girls, Usada and Kotora realized that they need to finish their homework so they make their way to an old library. However, after exploring a bit, and not actually studying, Usada comes across a massive book with a mysterious aura to it. While looking through the pages, a piece of paper falls out with the words “Find Alice” written on them.

What follows shortly after is a bright light that engulfs the two of them. When they can finally see again they are in an unknown world wearing cute and frilly dresses. They see a rabbit running away for them so they follow in pursuit armed with weapons.

During gameplay, players will explore a Metroidvania world and search for Alice. Despite the cute appeal of the game, it features many moments of action and resembles a 2D platformer.  Alice Escaped! is a collaboration between game studio Illucalab and character designer PICPICGRAM.

The publisher released a video showing some early gameplay. It’s good to note that the gameplay in the video will not represent the final product.

You can watch the gameplay video below:

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